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Innovative digital learning resources

Don’t even try to describe the things that we make. Whether it’s a serious game, an animation or video project, or a learning or exercise platform, our specialists always find an original approach. Why? Because you learn better, faster and more efficiently when you enjoy doing it. 

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Breaking news!

Epyc has been acquired by manager Patrick Herwegh and aim.group.
Curious how that went?

Our mission

“It is our mission to use fun learning experiences 
to make people want to learn and improve."

We want to see people smile when they open one of our applications. Because it’s attractive. Unexpected. Funny. Easy as pie. Ambitious, it’s true. But with a team brimming with enthusiasm, we succeed, time and again

Does our mission make you smile too?


Our services

E-learning, video and animation, serious games, exercise and learning platforms, learning campaigns… Our specialists work hard on these things! 


Icoon e-learning e-learning

Video and animation

icoon video en animatie e-learning

Learning campaigns

icoon leercampagnes e-learning

Serious games

icoon serious games e-learning

LMS platforms

icoon LMS-patformen e-learning

Custom-made tools

icoon tools op maat e-learning


‘Our collaboration with Epyc was a positive experience.

A fresh look, a dynamic and creative team.’ 

Dominique Berrier