About Epyc

Epyc is the largest independent developer of custom-made e-learning and learning materials in Belgium, and is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Epyc is a spin-off of KU Leuven, established in 2001.

Wim Govaerts

Managing Director

Wim has learning in his heart and soul! Not through traditional schooling, but through his years of experience in the educational software sector. First as a researcher at the Linguistics Department at KU Leuven, then as a project leader at a publisher of educational games for children and now as the head of Epyc. Wim is a partner and is responsible for the daily running of the company. He also heads up the commercial side of Epyc. He travels the country spreading the learning bug and presenting our services to new (and existing!) clients. And he prefers to do it on his motorcycle. 

Bram Van den Borre

Learning Architect

Bram is also partner and manager of our company. Bram feels right at home when he can put on his Learning Architect hat. Then he can let himself go, thinking up a new, original approach to the project at hand. He’s very good at anticipating the client’s expectations and translating them into an innovative concept. Bram stays on top of the latest tools and concepts. Bram heads up the editorial side of the division Hit The Road, as well. He determines the general didactics, leads the editing teams of experienced teachers from the sector, and writes the handbooks and learning materials. And since photography and riding motorcycles are two of his main hobbies, he rides round the country photographing traffic situations. 

Els Niemegeerts

Operations Manager

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Els, zipping through our hallways like an operational drone!
Els started working here years ago as a project leader, and in that capacity, she took our personnel policies, professionalism and quality to a higher level. 
Now, Els is our Operations Manager. She manages production, keeps track of global planning and makes sure everyone can do their job in optimal conditions. In short, it is Els’s fault that Epyc is one, big, happy family.  
Where she finds the energy is a well-kept secret. But everyone agrees: Els is an incredibly resilient, resourceful lady. 

Inge Polfliet

Office Manager

Our rock, our beacon of calm: Inge! When the building’s ablaze and everyone is running round like a chicken with its head cut off, rushing to get their work done, Inge makes sure that the flames don’t flare up too high and that the chickens don’t get into any accidents. Really, we’ve got an office manager who is one in a million! Inge takes so much off her colleagues’ hands that we only realise it when she takes some time off. And when she takes over something for you, you can rest assured it’s in good hands. Seriously: how we ever did it without her is a mystery! In her free time, Inge likes to go for a brisk hike or go out to eat with friends in a fun neighbourhood restaurant. But we have it on good authority that she likes to be in charge of organising that, too. Yep, that’s her true nature shining through … 

Faïza Legzouli

Account Manager

Faïza is the account manager for the division Hit The Road – traffic media, the publisher for driving licence learning materials. She goes from driving school to driving school throughout the country, delivering books and finding out what’s going on in the sector. Driving schools that don’t yet sell our books are convinced in no time. But as a true saleswoman with years of experience, she also gives her clients tips on how to improve their business,
Rumour has it that Faïza sold popsicles in Alaska in a past life. Or was it heat pumps in Saudi Arabia? One thing's for certain: she’s on her colleagues’ case to keep launching new products and coming up with innovative applications, so that she can pamper her driving schools even more ... Or in Tina Turner’s words: She’s simply the best!

Julie Rogiest

Lead Project Manager

Julie is a project manager. Decisively, but with the necessary flair, she ensures that everyone plays by the rules. With a PhD in Literature, she knows what it means to sink her teeth in and deliver a serious piece of work. So, our clients can rest assured: with her, they are in good hands.
In her free time, Julie loves reading and making herself cosy: the patter of rain on the skylight, the scent of wet grass after a summer storm, a crackling fire in the hearth ... These things make her happy, just like Amélie Poulain in the film. She even looks a bit like her, don’t you think? And that make us, her colleagues, happy. 

Els Andries

Project Manager

Since we were so satisfied with the first Els, we hired a second one, Els Andries. Els is responsible for planning and designing all e-learning & develop projects. From kick-off to delivery, Els ensures that everyone is thinking along the same lines and that planning or budget changes are resolved with a smile. 
Els has been active in the world of education for years, first with Kluwer, then with Attentia – experience that is certainly useful to us, getting our clients enthused about e-learning.  
After hours, we can find Els in a restaurant or pub, as she must test out every new Ghent establishment. Els goes running and likes to travel – the farther away and more exotic, the better. The question is whether she’ll be able to do so in the next few years, given the recent addition to her family … 

Bert Goossens

Project Manager

Bert is a project manager. At Epyc, he takes on all of the more technical projects. That’s what he loves to do. And he is no greenhorn: Bert has built up years of experience at various digital agencies, here, in Ghent. With Bert, your project is in good hands. With his clear analysis, sharp eye for user interfaces and background as a developer, he is the ideal middleman between you, as a client, and the team of developers.
In his free time, Bert works on domotics. That’s what makes the radio turn on the moment you put the key in the door or switches the light from the refrigerator to the bar. That’s really difficult!
To clear his head from all of that technology, Bert likes to go for walks with his fiancée and his dog.
And it’s clear that Bert feels right at home at Epyc: after one week working here, he already ordered a houseplant to put on his desk. A Monstera. You know the one: one of those hip Swiss cheese plants that hipsters are so mad about. And he’s lobbying to bring his dog to work, as well – another very modern idea.

Kris Van Roosbroeck

Lead Developer

Kris is our team leader for development. In addition to coaching his team, he often uses his experience as front-end developer to create all kinds of online tools and apps that make our clients’ lives so much better every day. 
A PHP developer by nature, he has now also mastered the art of Angular. The magic begins with the detailed functional analysis he does for every project, a crucial step that ensures all parties know exactly what they are getting into, before Kris begins programming the first line of code. That’s why we can honestly say that every project programmed by Kris excels in clarity and simplicity – simplicity in terms of code, because the projects he creates for Epyc are usually quite elaborate and complex. 

Michiel Bogaert

Backend Developer

Michiel is not your average bloke. He is a back-end developer, but he leads a healthy lifestyle, competes in high-level sports, isn’t afraid to get in touch with customers and also has a life outside of IT. Michiel studied Multimedia and Communication Technology; he has a predilection for PHP, Raspberry Pi and other exotic fruit. From making websites to implementing a custom-made LMS, as long as it involves writing beautiful code, Michiel is happy.

Michiel doesn’t like to sit around, unless... it’s on his bike. Because Michiel regularly rides in ultraraces. That’s where you cycle up to 1,000 km in one go. Without sleeping. In the mountains. Yes, indeed ... he’s not your average bloke, but he is a great colleague!

Benny Raimondi

Lead Animator

Without a doubt, the man with the most hobbies on the entire team. And the most bizarre hobbies, too! For example, in his free time, Benny is a taxidermist, falconer and hunter. But he also designs tattoos and is learning to actually apply them, as well.
Professionally, Benny is an animator. He makes the most bizarre and creative … er… creations. Benny knows what he’s doing. He is always ready to jump in where necessary and to share his wide-ranging knowledge of and experience with graphic design and animation with his colleagues.
Oh, and Benny also has a large collection of Nerf pistols and guns. Always handy for a battle in the office. 

Jens Roete


Jens is a motion designer, the quiet type: give him a PC with the Adobe Suite, and you won’t hear from him for the rest of the day. Jens has a Bachelor degree of Graphic & Digital Media. Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop ... Jens knows those programs like the back of his hand. Jens draws out the storyboards, based on the instructional design scenario. In his free time, Jens goes running (does he ever!), plays guitar and engages in volunteer work. 

Christel Morvan


Christel is originally from France. Her colleagues realllllly appreciate this, as we regularly get calls from Wallonia or France. While most of us used to sweat and curse when that happened, since Christel arrived, we swiftly put them through to her … Merci Christel, merci!
Christel has been living in Belgium for quite some time, so she speaks Dutch fluently. Christel is an animator and video artist. She literally animates faster than our graphic designers can deliver their art. In her free time, Christel is a V-jay. She comes up with the loveliest images and animations to go with her life partner’s band’s music.  

Eline Claeyssens


Eline is a graphic and motion designer, as well as an interface designer and illustrator … She just loves all aspects of the creative process in our multimedia and e-learning projects. She finds inspiration while cycling to work every day, rain or shine. Nothing stops her: not the weather, and not difficult or tricky projects. Eline goes for it!!!
Eline draws in her free time, as well, but then she primarily makes digital portraits. 
Eline lives with a bunny and her housemates. She’s mad about chocolate, so when her colleagues want her to do something, they know how to win her over.  

Olivier Copejans


Olivier is a man who found his calling late in life. He joined Epyc as a web developer. At the time, he’d only been a programmer for a few years. But recently, he found a new calling: that of animator. These days, you’ll find him among the creative minds, where he helps turn our instructional designers’ fantasies into well-polished e-learning courses. 
In his free time, Olivier likes to focus on music, both actively and passively. He also likes to take in a bit of culture, and he never says no to a drink or a bite with friends. 

Laurens Peeters


Laurens is an experienced graphic designer. At Epyc, he also gets to bring his own designs to life in beautiful e-learning animations. Laurens radiates calm, pure Zen. It’s always nice to talk to him when the office is very busy! Laurens has an eye for detail, and that of course comes in useful when designing a user interface or laying out our learning materials. Laurens has a passion for interior design, antiques with a story and music. Among other things, he collects chairs (to his grandmother’s attic’s dismay). He likes messing about in Ableton, and he plays the occasional riff on his drum kit. When creativity and tech come together, Laurens is happy. So, at Epyc, he really is in his element.

Kevin Dossche


Kevin knows what he’s doing. The ink on his Graphic and Digital Media diploma was hardly dry when he came to our doorstep, wriggling with excitement and yearning for a chance to prove himself. And that’s how we like it, of course!
Kevin loves to spend time at home. He feels best at his computer. Why would you go out running in the sun or rain, when there are so many games, comic books, films and series waiting for you indoors!? But Kevin isn’t your stereotypical nerd, either, because he plays soccer! He used to play outdoors, on a big field, but now, you guessed it ... he has switched over to indoor soccer ... 

Wanne De Rop


Wanne feels right at home behind a camera, as cameraman or director, in a studio or on location … He does it all. At Epyc, Wanne combines his camerawork with illustration and animation. How he ended up behind a camera after studying to be a journalist is neither here nor there. But Wanne is curious. Learning and (re)discovering things is right up his alley. It should come as no surprise that he loves to read. You’ll recognise Wanne thanks to his colourful socks. There isn’t a grey pair to be found in his sock collection. Wanne also plays minifootball, where the comeback always happens in the third half. But is that the best strategy? 

Dieter Blancquaert

Learning Architect

Dieter has been actively navigating the world of digital learning for more than 10 years now. He has a good idea of the entire process, from take-off to landing.
You can make him happiest by letting him come up with a training concept with game elements and some technical hocus pocus. He slaloms through our various projects, casting his eagle eye on everything and mapping it out, briefing colleagues and correcting them where necessary. His patience means that he can wait until just the right moment to act.

Sofie Bedert

Lead Instructional Designer

Sofie Bedert has loads of experience in education. She studied to be an educator and has years of experience as an instructional designer, consultant and script writer. She supports our clients with a great deal of expertise and a solution for every e-learning or instructional design problem. 
In her free time, Sofie plays clarinet and is a crazy cat lady. Her cat, Pixel, has its own Instagram page.

Eline Madou

Instructional Designer

Eline is a real content cruncher: she turns even the driest content into a fun, educational learning trajectory. Thanks to her journalism degree, she knows like no other how to get people’s attention. And with years of experience in e-learning, Eline is incredibly handy with Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate, two tools we often use in making our e-learning packages. So, she’s a real all-rounder.
On Sunday mornings, you’ll find Eline in the pool; on other days, she runs for miles. Thanks to her straightening iron, Eline looks her best every morning. Her motto in life? ‘I can go anywhere in the land with my straightening iron in hand!’ 

Mathieu Demulder

Instructional Designer

Mathieu is an instructional designer. He comes up with the logical/pedagogical structure of a learning module and writes the scripts, exercises and assignments. Mathieu specialises in language and literature, and he has many years of experience as an instructional designer. With him, your course is in good hands. A clear, comprehensible writing style, combined with outstanding expertise in Articulate Storyline and Rise, makes you a perfect fit for Epyc, of course!
In his free time, you will find Mathieu either in the rock climbing hall, twisting his muscular body into strange angles on the boulders, or in his studio, working with wood, which is a real passion for him.
Oh, yeah: Mathieu also loves games. Not only the electronic version, but also the analogue kind, with cardboard playing boards and plastic pawns.

Annelies Gesquière

Instructional Designer

Annelies has years of experience in e-learning, as an instructional designer. She makes interactive learning experiences in all possible forms. She loves to add some storytelling, as well. Looking at her background, you can tell that script writing really is her thing. As a language specialist, Annelies is also the one who proofs her colleagues’ texts and secretly gets a kick out of discovering grammatical errors.
Annelies plays cello and flute, and she seldom sits still. She dances, jumps on a trampoline, surfs and snowboards. Sometimes, she falls. But her colleagues are ready to catch her when she does, sometimes literally, but mostly figuratively.

Eva Baelde

Instructional Designer

Eva is an instructional designer. She has years of experience in e-learning and can make the wildest interactions in Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. She finds everything incredibly fascinating, even the subjects others won’t touch with a barge pole. Eva wants to know everything about every subject under the sun. So, for her, Epyc is one big playground! Reading up on a specialty area, studying an exotic topic: she does it with a smile. And when she finds a good storyline to accompany the content, everything is hunky-dory in Eva Land. In her free time, Eva loves spending time with her proud, stubborn tomcat, Zorro. She also studies Russian, just because she felt like learning a language with loads of grammatical cases. Typical Eva.

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