Mobile Phone in the Driver’s Seat


The Brussels transportation company STIB-MIVB mean it: mobile phones have no place in the driver’s seat. And that goes not only for bus or tram drivers, but also managers and administrative personnel. Our task? Support their awareness-raising campaign with 10 short videos that underscored the main message.
Instead of making the umpteenth ‘don’t call while driving’ film, we and STIB-MIVB chose to take things in a different direction. With a very healthy dose of humour, we show situations where things can go all wrong. The overly bold teenager, the ‘I know better’ forty-year-old, the ‘I’ll just post something quick and then listen to you’ office worker ... They all make an appearance in the animations. In 10 quite exaggerated situations, you are confronted with your own shortcomings. 

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