Mobile Phone in the Driver’s Seat


The Brussels transportation company STIB-MIVB mean it: mobile phones have no place in the driver’s seat. And that goes not only for bus or tram drivers, but also managers and administrative personnel. Our task? Support their awareness-raising campaign with 10 short films that underscored the main message.
Instead of making the umpteenth ‘don’t call while driving’ film, we and STIB-MIVB chose to take things in a different direction. With a very healthy dose of humour, we show situations where things can go all wrong. The overly bold teenager, the ‘I know better’ forty-year-old, the ‘I’ll just post something quick and then listen to you’ office worker... They all make an appearance in the animations. In 10 quite exaggerated situations , you are confronted with your own shortcomings. 

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