Serious games

Serious games

Play is one of the most effective forms of learning for humans and animals alike. Learning through play is what you did as a child, in order to find out more about the world. That’s how you mastered your language. But running and jumping, calculating and counting, and thinking and reasoning are also things you learned through play.  So, why would we stop?

Our learning architects and instructional designers transform your learning goal into a smart educational game concept. Sometimes, it’s a fascinating case study with a series of difficult challenges, sometimes an exciting story that puts you in the shoes of a call centre employee, helping as many customers as possible. But even more often, we simply incorporate a number of tried and true gamification elements into a traditional learning trajectory, or we use storytelling to sweep users along in a fascinating learning experience.  VR, AR, serious game or gamification? Anything is possible, anything goes, as long as it makes people want to learn and improve. Right? 

Looking for a serious game to hone your knowledge?

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